Casmium - Sports Analytics Platform

Casmium, LLC

The entire baseball team at my high school recruited some of my classmates and me to create a website analytics dashboard and a mobile app to collect, store, and generate their own team's baseball analytics. From February 2020 to the present, we continue to design, build, and test improvements to our product, expand our engineering and computer science skills significantly and learn how to operate our own small business.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: React.js (website), React Native (mobile app), Node.js (server-side code), HTML/CSS, Bootstrap
  • APIs: Google Firebase (auth, databasing, and hosting), Google Charts (data visualization)
  • Project Duration: February 2020-Present

Autonomous CyRide - Self-Driving Bus Embedded Systems Design

CPR E 288 Final Project

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: C, ARM Assembly
  • Technologies: TI Tiva TM4C Microcontroller with ARM Cortex CPU, iRobot iCreate Robot Kit
  • Class Duration: Fall 2022

Manual Register Sorting with FPGA

CPR E 281 Final Project

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: Verilog HDL
  • Technologies: Teraisc Altera DE2-115 (Cyclone IV) FPGA Board, Intel Quartus Prime FPGA Design Software, Questa ModelSim (Waveform Analysis)
  • Class Duration: Spring 2022

ProjectDSM - Re-creation of
Des Moines, Iowa in Minecraft

Sean Eddy, the creator of a realistic re-creation of Downtown Des Moines, Iowa in the popular video game, Minecraft, invited me to assist him in hosting and marketing his project to the public. While he focuses on his design and 3D, digital modeling, I am primarily involved in day-to-day management of logistics such as web hosting, domain/DNS management, server hosting, and software maintenance. I've programmed a couple of features to make our community feel unique, including a plugin to sync the game's time and weather conditions with real-life Des Moines. Our project managed to make our local news and sparked players across Central Iowa to visit Sean's work.

Technical Specifications

  • Website: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap
  • Minecraft Plugins: Java with the SpigotMC API
  • Operations: Domain and DNS Management, 3rd-party Server hosting
  • Project Duration: Summer 2017-Present

Orion Antivirus - Malware Removal Tool for Windows

My antivirus program features a simple algorithm that reads a text file for sample MD5 hashes of known malware, compares it to a file the user has selected from their computer, and determines if it matches a virus. The user then has the option to delete the file from the computer if the program determines it is malware. I used the Cryptography library built into .NET and created a simple Windows Form with branding to make the program look appealing.

Technical Specifications

  • Language: Visual C#
  • Project Duration: October-November 2019

Alaska Virtual Airlines - Website

I was commissioned to design a website for promoting Alaska Virtual Airlines: an online community of flight simulator players mimicking the real-world operations of Alaska Airlines. The website contains information about the airline's operations, staff, and how to apply for a virtual pilot position. I developed an intial design (that was later tweaked) including live airline statistics linked to AlaskaVA's information system. These can be found under the "Creating an Airline" section.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Project Duration: July-August 2021

Estafeta Virtual Airlines - Flight Management System

I was commissioned to manage the IT system of Estafeta Virtual Airlines: an online community of flight simulator players mimicking the real-world operations of Estafeta Carga AĆ©rea (an air cargo company). Each virtual airline requires two software components: An online platform to send analytics and perform "airline business" and an Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS, referring to the systems used in real commercial aviation logistics). Customizing an existing open-source framework,, I developed a web presence and pilot portal for Estafeta Virtual to recruit prospective pilots, track employee revenue, and manage cargo/passenger service. Additionally, I contributed a patch to a work-in-progress, open-source ACARS program by SimSolutions. I additionally facilitated hosting and maintaining Estafeta's platform during their operation.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: Lavarel/PHP (what phpVMS is built on), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python
  • Project Duration: July-August 2020

Existentialism Visualizer - Interactive Educational Tool

An interactive visualizer on the concept of Existentialism for educational or recreational use. I created this project for one of my high school teachers to use in her future Language Arts classes. I primarily strived for conveying this advanced literature and social concept in an interactive, easily understandable, and modern format to increase appeal to students and take steps towards improving classroom resources.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: Gatsby.js (a toolchain of React.js), Bootstrap
  • APIs: Framer Motion (complex animations)
  • Project Duration: December 2020-January 2021
Feed The Ball screenshot

Feed The Ball - Video Game

Feed The Ball was my introduction to the world of Unity 3D game design and C# programming. My goal was to create a simple, yet entertaining, 3D platformer and later on submitted this project to the College Board for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.
I further expanded this project by attempting two distinct goals: accept donations from players to essentially "develop for charity" and attempt to implement a machine learning model in some way. My idea was to create a model that would generate additional game levels based on the player's skill. This did not end successfully, however I gained plenty of fundamental knowledge about Machine Learning and how to implement models with source code.

Technical Specifications

  • Language: Unity Engine with C#
  • Project Duration: Started February 2019, resumed and completed for AP Computer Science Principles in May 2019
Atari Breakout screenshot

Brickmash (Atari Breakout) - Video Game

A simple version of Atari Breakout I built several years ago as a part of my middle school's Hyperstream club. This was one of my very first programs and I still enjoy it to this day despite its age.

Technical Specifications

  • Language: The purest form of JavaScript in the world

English 250H Final Portfolio

My final project for my honors 200-level written, oral, visual, and electronic communication class. This document includes the various pieces I created for class as well as the skills I developed that are helpful when presenting ideas and information in the future.

Other honorable mentions include a simple data map and my first Android app.

For source code and additional technicalities, please visit my GitHub page.