Oh, hi there
I'm Henry Shires

I'm a future Computer Engineer invested in all things technology. I have experience with high and low-level software, from embedded devices to web development, and recently began my electronic circuits and systems studies. I'm even a partial owner of an LLC, and when I'm not in the lab or working on my business, I'm most likely grooving with my buddies in the drumline.

What I Do

Software & Hardware Engineering

My personal, business, and school projects have involved many topics, including static web pages, dynamic web applications (React and Bootstrap) utilizing back-end databases and authentication, embedded systems IO and assembly programming, and basic breadboard circuit design and analysis.

IT Solutions

I have provided solutions to basic household technical problems for numerous people in my local area. My expertise includes computer networking, computer hardware installation, basic PC repair, product recommendations, troubleshooting, and fixes to improve system performance.

Digital Media Creation

I make graphics and videos for personal enjoyment, class projects, and even online communities. My works range from informational presentations to cinematic short films.

Highlighted Experience

CYstarters - Iowa State University Business Accelerator

Casmium, LLC

In the spring of 2022, One of my co-founders of Casmium, LLC, Pradyumna Dahal, and I were accepted into the ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship's CYstarter Summer Accelerator program: An 11-week boot camp geared to giving students time, funding, and resources to continue to grow their existing business or business idea.

Pradyumna, three other students (who do not attend Iowa State), and I created the Casmium business back in 2020, right before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, to create a solution to improve the use of stats in high school baseball teams (read more at the link below). In 2022, after nearing the completion of our minimum viable product, we desired to learn how to most effectively market our product to our ideal customer and learned about the CYstarters opportunity. Our final business pitch was a success, and our company gained an abundance of marketing and customer engagement strategies, additional network connections, and beta testers.

Technical Specifications

  • Program Duration: 11 weeks at 30 hours/week, May-July 2020
  • Experiences: Lessons in business pitching, customer discovery, team building, product design, marketing, finances, and sales

About Me

  • My Origin Story

    Since day one, I've resided in the lovely city of Des Moines, IA. Surrounded by farm fields, prairies, forests, and waterways, I've enjoyed calling Iowa home, despite the extreme weather conditions. I chose to attend Iowa State University for my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering due to the exceptional engineering programs and significant financial assistance provided.
    I've enjoyed meeting my living community, sharing meals, and learning new concepts related to my field of choice. I additionally auditioned for and made the ISU Drumline, a section of the Iowa State University Cyclone Football "Varsity" Marching Band (ISUCF'V'MB, see my Activities page for more). This group has significantly shaped my identity as a Cyclone and I can't wait to continue my membership for the remainder of my college experience.

  • Skills and Technologies

    As an owner of a startup, I have aquired knowledge in euntrepeneurship and have developed project management skills such as organizing and distributing tasks, monitoring progress, and keeping an eye on the end goal. And of course, I have several years of web development under my belt. These skills and technologies include the following:

    Programming Languages:

    • Java Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • JavaScript
    • C
    • Python
    • Verilog HDL

    Web Development Languages & Frameworks:

    • HTML/CSS
    • Bootstrap UI
    • React.js (with various toolchains such as CRA and Gatsby)
    • React Native

    Other Technologies:

    • Git Source Control with GitHub
    • Figma UI Designer
    • Google Firebase with Google Cloud Platform
    • JetBrains IDEs such as Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and CLion
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Microsoft 365
  • Hobbies

    In addition to my pursuit of computers, I thoroughly enjoy music and digital creation. I have participated in numerous musical ensembles for both school and church. I even attempt photography from time to time. The pictures to the right are my own, and you can view my entire gallery on my Media page. Now, with my enjoyment of tech, I appreciate a good video game. In fact, I have especially become fond of Microsoft's newest Flight Simulator, allowing players to simulate real-life plane models and fly across the world with fellow online pilots. For many years, I've become involved in numerous online communities that host events and group flights, making something as niche as a flight simulator a whole lot of fun!

  • Making an Impact

    Since I was a kid, I couldn't get my hands on enough keyboards and mice to supplement my curiosity. I have always been fond of technology, no matter the scale, and want the industry to be a key component of my future. Technology provides solutions to problems big and small, and with this comes the ability to make a difference in even just one person's life. By continuing to progress my collaborative projects and achievements in school, I can maximize my contributions to my goal of improving the human condition through technology at my current stage in life, long before I achieve a degree. I desire to make a positive impact through innovative products in a small company to run my successful one. Shortly, I hope to continue seeking out opportunities to use my passion and innovate one corner of the world at a time. This world of ours needs game-changers and innovators. I yearn to be one of them, not for my benefit but the benefit of mankind.

Interested in my work?

Shoot me a message.