Iowa State University Cyclone Football "Varsity" Marching Band (ISUCF'V'MB)

I play on the ISU Drumline for the Cyclone Marching Band, a fall to winter group that performs at all home football games and a few exhibitions. Rehearses daily for an hour and a half. Additionally in the Spring, I play drum set for the Men's and Women's Basketball Pep Bands.

Technical Specifications

  • Freshman Season (2021-22) Position: Bass 5 (5th of 7 Bass Drums)

Iowa ICE Robotics - FIRST Robotics Team 6419

During my four years as a high school student, I participated in FIRST Robotics, which creates and hosts nation-wide STEM and robotics competitions in a sports-like fashion to prepare future engineers for successful careers. I was a member of team  ICE 6419 and participated in both FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. Both leagues consisted of designing, building, and programming a mechanical robot to complete a 2 minute and 30-second game involving the collection of objects, interaction with other robots, and precise timing to score points. My specific roles included programming the robot's core functionality, managing our team's daily agendas & engineering notebook, presenting at team outreach events, attaining sponorships, and maintaining our team's website.

Technical Specifications

  • Membership Duration: 2017-2021
  • Robot Programming Language: Java with WPILib FRC Library
  • Website: site

Valley High Shool Band Program

I played in the Concert (percussion), Jazz (drum set), and Marching (drumline) bands at my high school for all four years of attendance.

Drumline Specifications

  • Freshman Season (2017) Position: Bass 5 (5th of 5 Bass Drums)
  • Sophomore Season (2018) Position: Bass 2 (2nd of 5 Bass Drums, Section Leader)
  • Junior Season (2019) Position: Outer Snare (4 total)
  • Senior Season (2020) Position: Inner Snare (4 total)

Jazz Band Specifications

  • Freshman Year - Jazz III
  • Sophomore Year - Jazz III
  • Junior Year - Jazz III
  • Senior Year - Jazz II