Cinematography Projects

Short Films

Recently, I've begun creating cinematic short films with a central theme or beautiful views of a place I've visited. I hope to create a variety of films with interesting themes, camera shots, and more as I explore my newly found hobby. Here, you can view my latest video as well as see old elementary videos and LEGO stop motion animations I've created.

Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2020 - The Science Behind Computers

In June of 2020, I submitted a video of my own creation to the Breakthrough Junior Challenge: An international scholarship competition where students ages 13-18 can create a 3-minute video explaining a math, physics, or life sciences topic of their choosing to better educate the global community. The winner recieves a very large scholarship towards any post-secondary institution, a brand new science lab for their school, and a cash prize to the teacher of their choosing. Unfortunately, I was not selected as a semifinalist, however, my video scored within the top 10% of videos submitted during the first round of scoring. My video was incredibly fun to create and it was very inspiring to watch my fellow competitors' submissions as well. This competition additionally urged me to buy my first DSLR camera.